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Mudjacking Macon, GA

At Macon Concrete Leveling in Macon, GA we offer a wide variety of concrete repair services. One of which is mudjacking. A process of lifting and leveling concrete by drilling a small hole in the concrete, and then filling the sunken part with a mixture of mud, water, and concrete.

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Mudjacking Concrete Leveling Macon, Georgia

The process

During the process, we take the uneven, sunken concrete and drill it with a small hole in the center of the concrete slab. We then insert a hydraulic pump that pumps a special mixture of mud, water, and usually (portland) concrete underneath the concrete. You will need to be cautious about cure time for your mudjacking job. Please allow roughly 72 hours before utilizing the concrete again to avoid damage.

Mudjacking easily takes care of a concrete repair, but it is not a permanent solution. Most mudjacking jobs generally last between 3-5 years, unless you have the same issues with the soil or environment. You need to be cautious when choosing mudjacking and pick a reliable company that will keep your property, home, or business in mind so as to pay attention to any circumstances that would cause premature deterioration of your mudjacking job.

Why choose mudjacking in Macon, GA

  • Mud jacking is cheaper and more convenient than replacing an entire slab or section of concrete
  • Can help fix future issues with the settling of the dirt if done correctly
  • The service is able to be completed in one day, and have all of your concrete back in repair and use within 72 hours instead of waiting over a week for a new slab of concrete to completely cure
Mudjacking to Level

History of Mudjacking

Mudjacking was initially invented by a man named John W. Poulter. Poulter was frustrated with the process of having to replace an entire piece of concrete rather than just being able to perform a simple procedure to remedy the problem. Before mudjacking or otherwise known as “slabjacking,” was invented, people had to wait and replace an entire piece of concrete.

Replacing an entire slab or section of concrete even if it is DIY, the repairs can become pricey, time-consuming, and difficult if you do not have the proper tools or understanding. Mr. Poulter invented the first hydraulic pump system to pump the water, concrete, and mud underneath a slab of concrete. If you need Mudjacking in Macon, GA be sure to contact us today to get set up for a personalized quote.

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Mudjacking is an involved process. Concrete repair is important and we understand that everything you do becomes an investment in your property, home or business. We also know how important it is to the safety of your family or tenants.

At Macon Concrete Leveling, can help with all of your concrete repair needs and aim to make your life easier. Call us today for a free quote.

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