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We understand the frustration of having sunken, broken, uneven, poor-looking concrete. Whether it’s a foundation, poolside piece of concrete, or a sidewalk, we have the tools, experience, and passion to create a long-lasting result that will leave you satisfied with our process.

Our polyurethane foam lifting services are proven, easy, environmentally friendly, and guaranteed to be waterproof. Polyurethane phone lasts for years to come in comparison to other methods. When you need concrete repair, Macon Concrete Leveling in Macon, GA is your trusted concrete repair service.

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The process of lifting concrete

The process of concrete lifting is quick and simple. We use polyurethane foam as our lifting material. We drill a small hole in the concrete, insert the hose and pump foam until our levels show that the concrete is 100% even and that the result will last for years to come. We then will patch the hole so your concrete looks as good as new once again! Polyurethane foam is waterproof and cures in only a matter of minutes. You will be back to using your driveway, sidewalk, or poolside almost immediately.

Why choose Polyurethane lifting

  • Easy, quick, and long-lasting. Can even be a permanent solution!
  • Cost-effective in comparison to mudjacking or replacing an entire concrete slab.
  • Cures in minutes.
  • The “Green,” solution to concrete repair.
Concrete Lifting Macon, Georgia

History of concrete lifting

  • Concrete is a prime material choice and has been used since around 6500BC. The act of lifting and repairing concrete began with a man named John W. Poulter. Lifting and repair have continued to evolve since then. In the early days of concrete lifting, there was only mudjacking otherwise called “slabjacking,” available. Or you could tear out the entire slab of concrete and repour. All of which is timely, and not cost-effective.

  • Mr. Poulter’s device used a hydraulic pump, pumping a mix of water, mud, and cement through a small hole in the concrete. This process levels the slab/ affected concrete area. These methods proved fruitful for a time, but as the concrete aged again, the same issues start to reappear. People began the search for a different solution. Thus Polyurethane foam took on the role of concrete repair and lifting. It is used in many construction projects and is a more permanent solution to the issues lingering from an aging or improper mudjacking job. It is not recommended to attempt DIY mudjacking, or DIY concrete repair yourself as you need specialized equipment and training.

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