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At Macon Concrete Leveling in Macon, GA we pride ourselves in offering affordable, quick, and restorative services for all of your concrete repair needs. Concrete leveling in Macon, GA is the most affordable option for fixing sunken and broken concrete. We will have your concrete looking brand new again and in only minutes! All without breaking the bank. We take the sting out of sunken and cracked concrete.

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The process of concrete leveling

Concrete leveling takes place when a piece of concrete has severely sunken out of place due to age, settlement of the soil underneath the slab, extreme heat or cold, or even due to a poor mixture and curation of the concrete. We will drill a small hole in the concrete and pump in a polyurethane foam to raise the slab until it is level again. After this process takes place, we will patch and reseal the hole we drilled. It is important to have a knowledgeable team working on your concrete so that you will not have any recurring problems. At Macon Concrete Leveling in Macon, GA we offer high-quality service that covers all areas of concrete and foundation erosion, repair, and preventative measures. You can ensure our work will hold fast for years to come.

Why choose concrete leveling

  • The most affordable concrete repair option available.
  • Quick and easy. You will never know we had to work on your concrete!
  • Fast cure time. You are back to using your concrete within the same day. You do not have to wait weeks.
Concrete Leveling Macon, Georgia

A Brief History of Leveling

  • 600 B.C. – The Greeks utilize a volcanic ash and lime mixture to create a concrete-like substance that they stored underwater

  • 200 B.C. – The Romans add other substances to the volcanic ash/ lime mixture. They add gravel, sand, and even parts of discarded pottery.

  • 126 A.D – Building of the Pantheon takes way. The concrete and stone mixture was utilized to build this massive structure. Surprisingly this Pantheon still stands to this day.

  • 1793: A man named John Smeaton discovered that a mix created from a specific type of lime called “calcined lime,” contains clay.

  • 1824: Joseph Aspdin invents “Portland cement.” The foundation of cement as we know it today.

  • 1900: The term “mudjacking” is coined to refer to the process of using a hydraulic press to lift concrete slabs and fill in sunken areas with water, mud, and cement. Eventually though, mudjacking concrete will fail.

  • Today: We use polyurethane foam as the main concrete lifting and leveling solution. The foam is environmentally friendly, waterproof, and can even become a permanent solution depending upon the fix.

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Concrete repairs are important, we understand that everything you do to your home, property, or business is an investment and we aim to make that process a great one for you. Macon Concrete Leveling in Macon, GA would be honored to create a custom quote for you. Please contact us at (478) 312-9601

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